About us

We are a group of experts who support our customers in building and maintaining a future-proof analytics environment that takes into account current and future data challenges by implementing data virtualization solutions.

Our vision

InfoRoad believes in the added value that data virtualization techniques can bring to Data landscapes and architectures. Access to relevant and high quality Data is crucial for organisations that want to make the difference in this fast changing world. InfoRoad aspires to be your DV partner. Solution oriented.


InfoRoad is founded in 2016 by a team of experienced BI & Data experts with passion for Analytics and Data. People inspired by the possibilities and power of data, but also challenged by the fact that many companies are not able to support their internal decision making process… just because information isn’t available in time.  This made us think…

Some revolutions in data storage technologies made the challenge even bigger, data is even more dispersed in multiple locations and formats (Cloud, Hadoop, Streaming,…). Traditional BI architectures are under a lot of pressure. Where is the agility? This made us think even more…

Our research leaned us that data virtualization opens a new world of opportunities for BI and addresses many BI concerns. A concept that was well incorporated outside Europe and that we wanted to introduce to our customers.  InfoRoad was born and a partnership with Denodo was signed. 

Meanwhile InfoRoad has been implementing multiple Data Virtualization solutions at multiple Belgian clients. Our consultants can bring the expertise and experience you need to jumpstart with this new architectural component.

Our values

  • Solution oriented
  • Focus on quality
  • Eager to make the difference together with our customers